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Different stages of business growth require different marketing strategies. During the growth and maturity stages, small businesses must shift to implementing marketing strategies to increase revenue and brand presence. This is so they can prevent prolonged stagnation and successfully compete in the marketplace.

However, most businesses employ junior marketing staff for tactical functions when they actually need a marketing strategist. Without a strategist on board, you could be missing out on significant opportunities to expand your business and achieve your goals.

That is where I step in. I'm Elona, the founder of c7marketing boutique and a multi-award-winning sales and marketing professional. With 20 years of corporate experience, I started this agency in July 2022 to help small business owners strategically align their disjointed marketing efforts.

We achieve this by familiarizing ourselves with your company's objectives and unique selling proposition before customizing your strategy.

But if you're looking for a quick DIY strategy, shop here.

C7m's team is worldwide

What sets us apart is not our ability to produce leads. Better yet, we produce marketing strategies and craft stories that align with our clients' vision and values. And they connect. And convert. Like crazy. That's why storytelling is at the heart of every strategy.

In 6 months, our clients have seen . . .


more leads per month



more appointments



revenue increase
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